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So what’s the deal with Smart Home Reviews Eh!? In it’s simplest form, it is a blog about the best smart home gadgets. Basically, we try to answer the questions:

– How can I get the MOST out of my home?
– What should I buy with my hard-earned cash?

Now in most articles, I use “we” when in reality there is only one person running the whole show (and Monty, my 8 year old Schnoodle). With my reviews, I try to stay unbiased and it isn’t hard since I’m not sponsored by anybody. I have a scoring system for every type of product which allows me to review products consistently and I’ll use a product until I’m confident I can speak intelligently about it.

I buy all my products so at the time of this post (been online for about 6 weeks), I’ve spent over $2000 of my own money on smart home gadgets.

If you want to know more about me , check out my history that I’ve posted on my other review site.

How can I get the MOST out of my home?

Still haven’t found anything that cleans up after me…

I’ll be honest with you. My home is a cash hog (I’m sure it is for you as well). But if you’re like me, you spend a lot of time at home. So it makes sense to me that I try to make it as comfortable as possible. And efficient, useful and functional as well.

I think we’re at a unique point in time when it comes to technology. For the longest while, everything has been either digital or analog. With smart homes, we are starting to see a blend of the two. The digital blending into the analog. Technology has gotten to a point where the 1’s and 0’s can now have a direct effect on our physical well-being.

And that’s a good thing because I spend a lot of time dealing with mundane things like remembering to turn off a lamp or turn on a humidifier when I leave. The downside (as of right now) is that everybody is still trying to figure out how to make smart home products. I think the best is yet to come.

Take smart home LED lights as an example. I love how coloured lights change my mood but this “smart” technology is still attached to a “dumb” socket. All the benefits of color and remote access goes out the door if the socket is off. So if I’m using a Hue bulb as my alarm clock and want to sleep in, what’s going to be quicker? Turning off the lamp or unlocking my smartphone and using the app? Turning off the lamp is going to be quicker but now my smart bulb is completely unreachable.

The process isn’t smooth at all. There’s a logical break in the process.

But that’s part of the growing pains for new technology. I do believe smart home gadgets will make our lives simpler and more comfortable. But what gadgets should you get? That leads into second question

What should I buy with my hard-earned cash?

I’ve always wanted to know why A is better than B. I’ve always spent a lot of time figuring out where to spend my money. I got serious with reviews in 2012 when I started my first review channel, Mobile Reviews Eh! As a side project which I used as an example of how data analytics would be useful to a business (I ran my own engineering consultancy at the time).

Businesses are always trying to get you to buy their products. What always bothered me was the amount of “fluff” (or BS) that companies would spew out in order to convince us to buy their products. It reaches a point where companies are almost lying to us but nobody is calling them out on it. Check out some of the things I do to iPhones to prove my point.

It’s all very mis-leading. And frustrating. And I won’t stand for that.

As a responsible consumer, I want to give my money to companies who have the better product coupled with decent customer service. I don’t want to support companies who trick us into buying their products nor do I want to support companies who blatantly copy what other’s are doing.

So at the end of the day, my reviews are the answers that I’ve come across while researching which products to actually get. And I’m just sharing with you guys what I’ve discovered about each product.

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