The BEST Apple HomeKit Accessories

The Best Apple HomeKit AccessoriesWhat do we think are the BEST Apple HomeKit Accessories? We’ve been spending a ton of money lately on HomeKit accessories to see which one’s are best. We personally don’t like wasting money on bad products which is why we spend so much time doing these reviews. As a result, you get to know what the best products are without wasting the cash on a bad product. We’ll also share with you the Tips & Tricks that we’ve come across.

We’ll also take the time to test the products across different smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Why? To find out how the product handles to ensure we get the full story on each product.

Here’s the TL:DR list for the best Apple HomeKit Accessories:

Smart Plugs – iHome iSP8

Smart Light Bulbs – Philips Hue Color Ambiance (The Nanoleaf Aurora is better in certain circumstances)

Smart Light Switches – (We’re currently comparing the Elgato Eve Switch against the Lutron Caseta Wireless)

Smart Video Camera – (Currently reviewing the D-Link OMNA)

Smart Sensors – (Currently review Elgato Eve Room and iHome Sensor)

If you need more details or more options, check out the guides below.

Guides for the Best Apple HomeKit Accessories

With smart home devices, you can ensure that all your lights are off, turn on your appliances remotely or set the mood of a room without moving. For us, the standout feature is the ability to automate how your home reacts to you. With the proper setup, you can:
– set your home lights to turn off when you leave
– have appliances turn off when you arrive home
– have a kettle start boiling water the moment you start using a hair dryer.

Are you worried about the price of these smart accessories? Smart plug’s will cost between $40 – $60 dollars which seems like a lot but if you use the plug to control the phantom power to your entertainment system, the plug will pay for itself in a matter of months.

If you’re unfamiliar with or getting started with HomeKit, check out our intros to smart plugs and smart lights. If you’re wondering what else we’ve reviewed, check out our reviews for smartphone accessories on www.mobilereviews-eh.ca.

At Smart Home Reviews Eh, we base all our reviews on actual usage. We do this to ensure we don’t recommend products that we ourselves wouldn’t use. When you purchase one of our rated products through our site, we earn a commission through affiliate links which allows us to keep reviewing products. Why are we doing this? Find out here on our sister site.

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