The BEST Smart Cameras for Apple Home and Apple HomeKit

Nest Cam IQ ReviewLooking to setup a bunch of cameras in your home without going through a 3rd party installer? Here are all the smart home cameras we’ve reviewed that helps you keep an eye out on your home. Most of the cameras include motion detection, night vision and will record footage based on motion triggers in your home!

At Smart Home Reviews Eh, we use all of our products before doing any sort of review or video. And we’re not strangers to reviews as we’ve taken what we’ve done at www.mobilereviews-eh.ca and applied it to smart plugs. For smart home cameras, for the first pass, we’ve spent approx. ~$1000 of our own money to come up with these reviews. We’re not fans of the “unbox + review” so we’ll never be first for a review but when we put one out, you’ll know that we’ve taken the time to use the products in our own homes.

The BEST Smart Plugs for Apple Home and Apple HomeKit

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We’ll be honest with you, smart home accessories are hard to figure out because we’re so use to doing everything the “dumb” way. Need to turn on the humidifier? You walk over to it and press the power button. Is simplifying that process worth a $40-$60 smart plug? In that specific instance, the question might be “no” but how about using HomeKit to automatically turn on the dehumidifier when you leave the house or goto sleep? Or turn it off when you arrive home? Check out our recipes area for smart home automation ideas!

Intro To Apple HomeFor smart home cameras, we were initially annoyed at the devices triggering on changes in sunlight in a room, Monty walking into room to get his bone or a car driving by outside. Some of the products were smart enough to filter out some of the “distractions” whereas others did not.

When it comes to Apple HomeKit specific devices, one of the things we realized was that having cameras like the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam IQ sit outside of Apple Home didn’t matter. Why? Because Nest does a good job of notifying you when it detects something which doesn’t necessarily have any impact on your home.

The downside is that you can’t use the Nest products to trigger automations but we’ve found that motion triggered automations using video based devices isn’t the best. Wondering what else we’ve done automations for? Check out our Tips & Tricks section.

We’ve scored all the products listed above in the same manner. We’re not sponsored by any of the companies listed on this page so the content so the reviews are quite unbiased. And we plan to keep it that way so if you’re thinking about getting a couple of smart home gadgets, consider getting it through our links!

Have any questions about the best smart cameras for Apple Home and Apple HomeKit? Leave them below!

The BEST Smart Cameras for Apple Home and Apple HomeKit
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The BEST Smart Cameras for Apple Home and Apple HomeKit
Looking to improve the security of your home? Consider adding a wireless smart camera to your setup! Which one should you get? Find out what are the BEST Smart Cameras for Apple Home and Apple HomeKit.
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Smart Home Reviews Eh!
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