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The BEST Smart LED Lights for Amazon Alexa

Best Lights for Amazon AlexaYou may have recently decided to start using Amazon Alexa, and you’re wondering how it can help you turn your home into a “smart home”. Living inside Amazon’s smart home speaker Echo, Alexa can be given voice commands to do things in your home. Which is helpful ONLY if you’ve got decent smart home devices so what are the BEST Amazon Alexa devices?.

One of those would be smart lights, bulbs that allow you to control your lighting through the smart home speaker. We can help you decide on the best smart LED light bulbs for your home based on what we’ve been using ourselves.

If you’re new to smart home accessories, learn more about them by checking how we compared smart light bulbs and smart light switches.

The BEST Smart LED Lights for Amazon Alexa

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The concept of a smart home is relatively new. It’s an interesting way to think of home appliances, because that means the way you would normally control your lighting is “dumb”. Smart light bulbs add more than just the convenience of turning your lights on and off through your smart home speaker. You can integrate the bulbs into your home, and even use lighting as an alarm clock. Nobody would have thought that was possible 100 years ago.

Using smart lights has allowed us to customize our home to suit our personalities. We can set the mood of a room with different coloured lights and make a room more interesting. Having the best smart LED light bulbs that allow you to change the mood of a room is a worthy feature that is worth the cost.

Should you splurge on coloured bulbs?

Amazon Alexa Smart LightsIf you’ve decided to look into getting the best Amazon Alexa gadgets on the market, you might not know where to start. Deciding on the best colours to put in each room is something that needs to be considered. We used smart bulbs for the rooms where we spend the most time, like the living room and bedroom.

Putting coloured bulbs in lamps and sockets that are near the walls allow for the light to reflect off them and set the mood in a room. If you want a room to feel more calm or more exciting, you can change the colours to reflect that.

For the bedroom, we thought the best smart LED light bulbs were white ones. With some smart bulbs, you can use them as an alarm clock by setting them to turn on slowly and wake you like a rising sun. It’s a lot better than the default alarm on your phone’s clock.

Feel free to leave any questions about the best Amazon Alexa gadgets and the best smart LED light bulbs in the comments below!

The BEST Smart Lights for Amazon Alexa
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The BEST Smart Lights for Amazon Alexa
A rated list of all the smart lights that we've reviewed for use with Amazon Alexa for Smart Homes!
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