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Intro to Apple Home and Apple HomeKit

intro to apple home and homekitNeed a starting point for all the Apple Home smart devices you want to get? Below is a list of articles that we’ve created to give you a high-level idea of how and where to use the all your Apple Home and HomeKit devices!
If you’re new to smart homes, you might be wondering if going with Apple Home is the right choice. We’ve been using Apple Home and Amazon Alexa to manage our smart homes and in general, using Apple Home is much simpler. Yes, you might be paying a premium for the devices but it isn’t a hassle to install or manage your device using Apple Home. For example, installation is one-step on Apple Home. With Amazon Alexa, it’s about 7 steps and half the time, it doesn’t work.

At Smart Home Reviews Eh, we use all of our products before doing any sort of review or video. And we’re not strangers to reviews as we’ve taken what we’ve done at and applied it to smart plugs. If you want to know what we think are the best Apple Home and HomeKit devices are, check out our “Best of the Best” post.

Get started with Apple Home and HomeKit

We’ll be honest with you, getting our minds around making our homes “smart” took a while. Why? Because we’ve spent all our lives living in “dumb” houses and all of sudden there’s products that let us control it remotely? It’s almost like we’re living in the future? And we can use our voices to control our homes?

We think adding all these smart devices to our homes is going to change how we live in them. Ever since we started reviewing these devices, we’ve noticed how much time we waste moving around the house, turning appliances on/off. We’ve noticed the amount of money we could save by using smart plugs and figured out the lightning can change our moods!

As of right now, Apple Home is smart enough to know if you’re in your home or not. This is important because you can now add a bit of logic to your home based on your physical location. Leaving home? Have all the lights turn off BUT have the fan or humidifier go on. One of your sensors detected motion in your backyard? Have a light in the house automatically turn on as a safety measure!

All these things are possible with Apple Home! Have any questions about our intro to Apple Home and Apple HomeKit? Leave them below!

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