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The BEST smart plugs for Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Smart PlugsLooking to turn some of the “dumb” appliances in your home “smart”? You can easily use a smart plug to add a bit of intelligence to any household appliance. The question we’ll answer with this post is: What are the BEST smart plugs to use with Amazon Alexa? Below inis a list smart home devices that work with Alexa!

At Smart Home Reviews Eh, we use all of our products before doing any sort of review or video. And we’re not strangers to reviews as we’ve taken what we’ve done at and applied it to smart plugs. If you’re trying to figure out if you need a smart plug, check out our “Introduction to Smart Plugs” to give you an idea of what to expect. Looking for Apple Home smart plugs? Go here!

The BEST Smart Plugs for Amazon Alexa

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We’ll be honest with you, smart home accessories are hard to figure out because we’re so use to doing everything the “dumb” way. Need to turn on the humidifier? You walk over to it and press the power button. Is simplifying that process worth a $40-$60 smart plug? In that specific instance, the question might be “no” but how about using Amazon Alexa to remotely turn on the humidifier if you forgot to turn it on?

If you’re pairing it with other smart home devices, you can setup a schedule so that every time your bathroom light comes in the morning, your water kettle starts so you can have hot water for coffee/tea the moment you’re in the kitchen.

These are just some of the examples of how smart plugs can be used effectively in any household! But again, what are the BEST Smart Plugs for Amazon Alexa?

We’ve scored all the products listed above in the same manner. We’re not sponsored by any of the companies listed on this page so the content so the reviews are quite unbiased. For smart plugs, 20% of the score is dedicated to the physical design of the product, 55% of the score the functionality and the last 25% deals with the compatibility with other systems.

We will add that using HomeKit enabled smart plugs offer better automations than Amazon Alexa. You might be able to accomplish the same using a plethora of 3rd party apps with Alexa but it will take a bit more effort.

Have any questions about the best smart plugs for Amazon Alexa? Leave them below!

The BEST smart plugs for Amazon Alexa
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The BEST smart plugs for Amazon Alexa
Looking for a smart plug to use with Amazon Alexa? Check out the reviews for all the Alexa compatible smart plugs that we've used!
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