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iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch – Which Smart Plug is Better?

iHome and iDevices have created smart plugs that work incredibly well. Which one is better? Find out in our iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch comparison!

Get the iDevices Switch on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!
Get the iHome iSP8 on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!



iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch – Great smart plugs to get if you’re just getting started with smart home accessories

The iHome iSP8 and iDevices Switch are two of the best smart plugs we’ve used so far. Right off the bat, we’ve given the iHome iSP8 plug a score of 4.8 Eh’s out of 5 and the iDevices Switch a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. The main reason why the iHome product scores higher is due to the greater number of smart home protocols it can work with.

If you’re looking for other Apple HomeKit smart plugs, check out our comparison between the Elgato Eve Energy, Incipio CommandKit and the Koogeek Smartplug. If you want to see all the plugs that we’ve reviewed, check out our comparison tool.

iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch Review Table

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Now despite being higher rated, we would go with the iDevices Switch. The side outlet means that it takes up less space, especially in the bathroom and the nightlight also helps with sleepy trips to the bathroom. The iHome iSP8 is a great plug overall and we would recommend it to people looking to get started with smart home devices since it works with most smart home protocols.

Get the iDevices Switch on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!
Get the iHome iSP8 on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!


Size comparison - iHome iSP8 vs iDevices SwitchThe size of the plug is important to us. Why? Because larger plugs will block the second outlet making it useless. Neither the iSP8 or Switch will block the plug in any configuration so you could have two smart plugs in a regular outlet. We can’t say this for the other plugs that we’ve reviewed (like the KooGeek SmartPlug and Incipio CommandKit).

Outlet Locations - iHome iSP8 vs iDevices SwitchThe only other difference between the plugs is the location of the outlet as the iDevices Switch has the outlet on the edge of the plug rather than the middle. This is an important design difference as it reduces the footprint of the device which is why we like the iDevices Switch in the bedroom and/or bathroom. A downside of this particular design is that it doesn’t work with outlets parallel to the ground.

Accessing the power button is another design feature that we’ll rate for. Why? Because there will instances where it is easier to turn the plug off manually then using your smartphone. The average smart switch will have a power button the size of an iPhone home button which is harder to access when compared to the iSP8 and Switch.


We didn’t have any issues accessing the units through Apple’s Home App or through the other HomeKit enabled apps. The iHome and iDevices app didn’t offer anything out of the ordinary. Neither app stood out to us like the Elgato Eve app did.

When it comes to overall functionality, the iHome iSP8 edges out the iDevices Switch because you can access the iSP8 remotely without having to use an iPad or Apple TV for HomeKit. This added functionality requires you to create an iHome account which isn’t great if you don’t mind signing up with another service/website.

2.4Ghz Wifi only - iHome iSP8 vs iDevices SwitchBoth smart plugs run only on 2.4Ghz WiFi which is an issue for some who only use 5Ghz. The last thing we noticed during our usage period was the Switch running into issues when treated as a mobile plug. Moving the plug around resulted in the unit being rested which had to be re-added back to the network.

Both products allow you to measure the power consumption of the appliance plugged in which is handy for larger, power hungry devices like dehumidifiers and air-conditioners.

For compatibility, both plugs aren’t IFTTT enabled which is a bummer. After that, the biggest difference is the lack of connectivity the iDevices Switch has with SmartThings and Wink. Both products will work with HomeKit, Alexa as well as Google Home.


When it comes to extra features, the iSP8 comes with a remote which is handy if you’re using your smart plug with an appliance that’s hard to reach or if you don’t always have your smartphone or tablet on you. The cherry on top is the fact that the remote doesn’t require line of sight and will work up to 35 ft away. However, the remote is also another thing to lose as we still can’t find ours.

Switch takes up less space - iHome iSP8 vs iDevices SwitchThe iDevice Switch comes with a coloured night light. The color of the light can be customized and the night light is treated as it’s own accessory. Comparing the extra features from both smart plugs, we’d say that the night light is more useful. The combination of the side outlet and night light make the Switch the best smart plug in a bedroom/bathroom setting.

Do you have any question in our iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch comparison? Please ask them below!

iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch - Which Smart Plug is Better?
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iHome iSP8 vs iDevices Switch - Which Smart Plug is Better?
Which smart plug should you get between the iHome iSP8 and iDevices Switch? We can help you decide because one is definitely better in the bedroom or bathroom!
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