The 5 BEST Smart Plugs for Amazon Alexa

So you’ve got an Amazon Echo and want to figure out how to turn your lamp on using Alexa? The cheapest way to do that is to use a smart plug. But which one should you get? We’ve been using a gaggle of smart plugs over the last few months and here are the five that work best with Alexa.


For smart plugs, we rate them based on size, the app, connection issues, power metering and over compatibility with other smart home platforms. We do this to ensure we get the full picture before we do our reviews and to minimize our personal bias.

For the impatient, here’s the TL:DR list for the 5 best smart plugs for Amazon Alexa:

#1. iHome iSP8 (Amazon US/CA/UK/DE)
#2. iDevices Switch (best for bedroom/bathroom) (Amazon US/CA/UK/DE)
#3. Belkin WeMo Insight (Amazon US/CA/UK/DE)
#4. Belkin WeMo Mini (Amazon US/CA/UK/DE)
#5. KooGeek Smart Plug P2 (Amazon US/CA/UK/DE)

The iHome iSP8 sits at the top of the list because it is compatible with most smart home protocols. This isn’t going to matter if you’re solely focused on Apple HomeKit. However, in our test home, at the time of this article, we’re currently running both HomeKit and Alexa which means the iSP8 Plug can be controlled by either AI.

Everything on Smart Home Reviews Eh is based on our own personal experience with the products. We generally ignore the marketing fluff on the boxes and stick with the actual functionality the product provides. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use a smart plug in your home, check out our intro to smart plugs post.

If you want to see these plugs compared in an easy-to-read table, check out our smart plug comparison tool.


The 5 BEST Smart Plugs for Amazon Alexa

#5 KooGeek SmartPlug P2

The KooGeek Smart Plug P2 is a small upgrade from the KooGeek Smart Plug P1. This isn’t going to matter for Amazon Alexa users since the P1 isn’t compatible with Amazon’s smart home platform.

The KooGeek SmartPlug P2 standout in this list as it comes with a nightlight and energy monitoring. Apple HomeKit devices come with energy monitoring baked into the hardware but Alexa doesn’t such a requirement.

We did run into issues syncing the smart plug with Alexa as KooGeek’s web service was flaky. After multiple tries over three days, we were able to connect the plug to Alexa. You might be thinking that this would be a deal-breaker  but every plug on this list has given us grief when it comes to syncing with Alexa.

This plug’s MSRP is high but it seems to be on perma-sale. See how much it is on Amazon US/CA/UK/DE

When would we use it? We’d use the KooGeek SmartPlug P2 on larger appliances where you’re interested in knowing how much power is being used. The night light is also useful in bathrooms.

#4 Belkin WeMo Mini

Belkin WeMo ReviewIt’s hard to argue with the Belkin WeMo Mini since the size doesn’t block any outlets. Most plugs will free up one plug if installed properly but you wouldn’t be able to use two smart plugs in one outlet. This isn’t the case with the Belkin WeMo Mini. We will note that we like the WeMo Mini better than the WeMo Switch because of the reduced size.

Other than that, the WeMo Mini is a basic plug. It doesn’t offer energy monitoring like the KooGeek Smart P2 does but can be accessed remotely without the use of Alexa using Belkin’s own web service.

Where would we use it? We’d put it on appliances where energy monitoring wasn’t needed. We’d consider using the WeMo Mini to reduce the amount of phantom power being consumed by our living room electronics.

Get the Belkin WeMo Mini on Amazon US/CA/UK/DE.

#3 Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Belkin WeMo Insight ReviewOut of all the compatible Alexa compatible smart switches, we decided to put the WeMo Insight Switch on our largest appliance, a dehumidifier. Why?  Because of the energy monitoring as well as the ability to remotely monitor the appliance.

The WeMo Insight Switch is actually smaller than the regular WeMo Switch (we’re not sure why Belkin still sells the regular WeMo Switch) but still blocks the second outlet if used improperly.

See how much the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch is on Amazon US/CA/UK/DE. Make sure you don’t get the BelKin WeMo Switch!


#2 iDevices Switch

iDevices Switch Smart Plug ReviewiDevice’s Switch is going to be the best switch for use in a bathroom where hair appliances are constantly being plugged in. Why? Because the plug is on the side so it doesn’t get in the way and the button on the smart plug is quite large. It also comes with a night light so it helps with ensuring you don’t hurt yourself during your sleepy time #1’s. It also doesn’t block the second plug which is handy as well.

The Switch is slightly larger than the WeMo Mini but still allows you to use it in whatever outlet you want. Because the Switch is compatible with Apple HomeKit, energy monitoring is baked into the plug. See how much the Switch is on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

Where would we use it? This is our goto plug for applications in a bathroom/bedroom.

#1 iHome iSP8

iHome iSP8 Smart Plug ReviewThe standout feature for the iHome iSP8 plug is the fact that it works with almost every smart home protocol. But does that matter if all you’re using is Amazon Alexa?

The plug is small enough that it doesn’t block the second outlet, it comes with a remote that doesn’t require line of site so this is a great plug for use with larger appliances in our opinion. It also has energy monitoring which is helpful to see how much energy the appliance is using. Useful to know if the tank in your dehumidifier is full.

The iSP8 plug is also the only plug that can be accessed remotely using Alexa which is nice but like every Alexa plug on this list, you’ll have to sign up with iHome’s web service.

Get it now on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

Where would we use it? With all things considered, the iHome iSP8 is probably the most versatile smart plug on this list so if you’re just dabbling with Smart Home products and haven’t fully committed to Apple HomeKit or Google Home or Amazon Alexa, this plug is for you.

Do you have any questions the 5 Best smart plugs for Amazon Alexa? Ask them below. If you want a live response, check out the livestream on our sister channel on YouTube!

The 5 BEST Smart Plugs for Amazon Alexa
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The 5 BEST Smart Plugs for Amazon Alexa
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