The 5 BEST Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit

So you’ve decided to get a smart plug (or plugs) for you home. Which one should you get? Here’s how we’ve ranked the smart plugs that we’ve used with HomeKit over the last few months.

We’ve rated each plug in the same manner to ensure that we can figure out what they actually do. For this list, we’ve used each plug in a variety of different ways ranging from turning on water kettles to being part of an automation that controls a dehumidifier when the home is empty.

For the impatient, here’s the TL:DR list for the 5 best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit:

#1 – iHome iSP8 (Amazon US CA/UK/DE)
#2 – iDevices Switch (best for bedroom/bathroom) (Amazon US CA/UK/DE)
#3 – Elgato Eve Energy (best for large appliances) (Amazon US CA/UK/DE)
#4 – Incipio CommandKit Smart Plug (Amazon US CA/UK/DE)
#5 – KooGeek Smart Plug (Amazon US CA/UK/DE)

The iHome iSP8 sits at the top of the list because it is compatible with most smart home protocols. This isn’t going to matter if you’re solely focused on Apple HomeKit. However, in our test home, at the time of this article, we’re currently running both HomeKit and Alexa which means the iSP8 Plug can be controlled by either AI.

Everything on Smart Home Reviews Eh is based on our own personal experience with the products. We generally ignore the marketing fluff on the boxes and stick with the actual functionality the product provides. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use a smart plug in your home, check out our intro to smart plugs post.

If you want to see these plugs compared in an easy-to-read table, check out our smart plug comparison tool.


The 5 BEST Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit

#5 KooGeek SmartPlug

Koogeek Smart Plug ReviewThe KooGeek is the “dumbest” smart plug on this list. The only thing really going for the KooGeek SmartPlug is the price. On average, it’s $10 dollars cheaper which may seem attractive at first but it’s the only plug on this list that doesn’t have energy monitoring. Which might not be a big deal if all you’re doing is using the plug to control a lamp. You may have trouble accessing the second outlet with the KooGeek as the design covers up the second outlet.

The KooGeek smartphone app isn’t as well developed as the other brands and their Apple Watch app is quite unusable if you have multiple HomeKit devices. But again, its’ $10 dollars cheaper than the average plug so you do get what you pay for. Get a KooGeek Smart Plug on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

When would we use it? To reduce the Phantom Power going to your entertainment system. Or a lamp.

#4 Incipio CommandKit Smart Plug

Incipio Command Kit Smart Plug ReviewIncipio’s CommandKit Smart Plug is quite large but unlike the KooGeek, won’t completely render your outlet useless if you plug it into the bottom plug. The size of the plug makes it noticeable so you might want to be careful where you use it.

The CommandKit Smart Plug will tracking the amount of energy being consumed by the plugged in appliance which is something the KooGeek doesn’t do.

The CommandKit app is probably one of the worst apps we’ve used as it crashes on certain devices and doesn’t show all the compatible HomeKit devices in your home. Again, the only upside of the CommandKit smartplug over the KooGeek plug is that it doesn’t block the second outlet and it monitors energy. And you can walk into your local Apple Store to get one. Or on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

Where would we use it? Out of the way appliance monitoring due to it’s large size.

#3 Elgato Eve Energy

Elgato Eve Energy Smart Plug ReviewWe personally like Elgato’s Eve lineup. The Eve Energy is the only plug on this list that’s works on Bluetooth which might be consideration for those whose WiFi is spotty. It also means the smart plug is a little slower when it comes to turning on and off. The manual power button on the unit is quite small so this smart plug will work well for application where you don’t need to manually power on.

If you’re looking to use a smart plug with a large appliance like a dehumidifier, we definitely recommend getting the Eve energy as the sister app allows you to track energy usage over time. The majority of the apps do not graph usage over time. Over time tracking is important because it will show you WHEN the appliance was consuming energy. This is important to see if the automations you run when you’re out of your home are actually working.

This smart plug scores lower than the other two because it only works with HomeKit. The top 2 plugs score higher because of the added compatibility with other systems so if you’re building a smart home only on Apple’s HomeKit, this smart plug is going to be worth getting. Get an Eve Energy on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

Where would we use it? On larger appliances or out of the way applications because of the small power button.


#2 iDevices Switch

iDevices Switch Smart Plug ReviewiDevice’s Switch is going to be the best switch for use in a bathroom where hair appliances are constantly being plugged in. Why? Because the plug is on the side so it doesn’t get in the way and the button on the smart plug is quite large. It also comes with a night light so it helps with ensuring you don’t hurt yourself during your sleepy time #1’s. It also doesn’t block the second plug which is handy as well.

Our only issue with the Switch was that re-adding the smart plug to my home sometimes didn’t work. This shouldn’t be an issue for most people if all you’re doing is leaving it plugged in. This Switch isn’t going to be our goto product if the smart plug needs to change outlets constantly.

The app isn’t anything special but the Apple Watch companion app is one of the better ones that we’ve used. The Devices Switch works with Amazon Alexa which is nice if you’re running both smart home networks. See how much the Switch is on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

Where would we use it? This is our goto plug for applications in a bathroom/bedroom.

#1 iHome iSP8

iHome iSP8 Smart Plug ReviewThe standout feature for the iHome iSP8 plug is the fact that it works with almost every smart home protocol. But does that matter if all you’re using is Apple HomeKit?

The plug is small enough that it doesn’t block the second outlet, it comes with a remote that doesn’t require line of site so this is a great plug for use with larger appliances in our opinion. It also has energy monitoring which is helpful to see how much energy the appliance is using but unlike the Elgato Eve app, doesn’t show usage over time.

The iSP8 plug is also the only plug that can be accessed remotely WITHOUT an Apple TV though you have to sign up with iHome. This is neat feature but iHome does strong-arm you into signing up with them. You can’t change any of the settings on the unit unless you give them all your information!

iHome includes an Apple Watch App which gets the job done. Get it now on Amazon (CA/UK/DE).

Where would we use it? With all things considered, the iHome iSP8 is probably the most versatile smart plug on this list so if you’re just dabbling with Smart Home products and haven’t fully committed to Apple HomeKit or Google Home or Amazon Alexa, this plug is for you.

Do you have any questions the 5 Best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit? Ask them below. If you want a live response, check out the livestream on our sister channel on YouTube!

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